Jeev Health Care Pvt. Ltd.

JEEVCARE - Floor Hygiene Powder

For Poultry Industry

JEEVCARE - Floor Hygiene Powder is very easy to use. It is spread on the floor of poultry farms.

JEEVCARE helps poultry farmers achieve higher profitability by:

  • Reducing ammonia level in farm to negligibly low level;

  • Reducing drastically pathogens like E. Coli, S. Aureus, S. Dysgalactine, Coccidiosis, Salmonella etc. in the litter;

  • Stopping growth of flying and other insects;

  • Making birds more healthy and less prone to diseases.

Outer Box of Jeevcare

JEEVCARE - Floor Hygiene Powder pays for itself since broilers gain 5-10 per cent extra weight, while layers start egg-laying early and remain productive for a longer period. In addition, there is a marked reduction in mortality.

By using JEEVCARE, poultry farmers can reduce use of antibiotics and pesticides. This can be particularly important for farmers who wish to adhere to strict norms for antibiotic / pesticide residue levels.

JEEVCARE - Floor Hygiene Powder is manufactured with technical knowhow from Switzerland.

Chicks in a poultry farm

JEEVCARE - Floor Hygiene Powder can also be used on rabbit farms.

White rabbit